The Rise of the Returnship: A Key Gender Diversity Initiative

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For various reasons ranging from welcoming a baby to taking time out to travel or becoming a caregiver to a family member, many people, particularly women, take extended time off from their jobs at some point. Career breaks are often necessary and for many unavoidable, yet so often when the time comes to return to […]

finding a new job in tech

Finding a New Job in Tech

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Even if you are just starting your career, or if you fancy a career change, finding a job in tech that suits your skills is sometimes always easier said than done. However, there are a number of ways in which you can enter the industry, whether it’s working your way up or attending courses that […]

Job Hunting over the Christmas Period!

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The Christmas period can be a busy time for everybody. It is easy to get caught up in events, meeting with friends and going on family outings. Searching for a new job may not be the first thing on your mind, but you must not forget that there is no time like the present to […]

Top 10 tech companies achieving diversity in tech

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Cisco   Cisco demonstrate a strong push for women in tech as they used to have a network called ‘women’s action network’ that has evolved into Cisco global women organisation with thousands of members. To establish this organisation and accomplish that goal, they worked with their office of inclusion and collaboration to organise and hold an […]