diversity in tech
Did you know?

It is critical for companies to try and achieve diversity in tech as individuals and businesses are becoming more reliant on technology. The technology industry is growing almost 3 times faster than the whole economy and is contributing around £200 billion a year to the economy.


Did you know?

Unfair treatment in the workplace is the largest driver of turnover in the tech industry. It can cost companies up to £4 billion per year.


diversity in tech

About Diversity in Tech

Diversity and inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today. When businesses consist of people from the same backgrounds, they often leave diverse ideas and perspectives behind.

Diversity in Tech is a site dedicated to help close the diversity gap in the technology sector. The site will provide you with career advice, case studies, jobs and employers looking to increase diversity within their companies. Whether you are a candidate looking for a new role or an employer looking to increase diversity in your company, we can help you.

Is there a solution to the tech talent crisis?

There are a lot of frightening statistics that have been circulating for the last few years highlighting the current talent shortfall in STEM skills at 40,000 people with UK employers struggling to fill 43% of STEM vacancies. Even more worrying predictions from to Coadec state that 800,000 jobs will be unfilled by 2020.

How to achieve Diversity in Tech

The tech sector is expanding almost 3 times faster than the rest of the UK economy and it is nearly worth £184bn. However, diversity remains a key challenge for the tech sector as only 15% of the tech workforce are from BAME backgrounds and gender diversity is currently sitting at 19% compared to 49% for all other jobs.

10 influential ethnic minority leaders in tech

Individuals of a BAME background have been under-represented in the technology industry for too long and we need to be reminded that there are plenty of opportunities for success for everybody within the industry. There are individuals of a BAME background that have been recognised for their hard work in the tech sector and we share those.

Why are ethnic minority staff being paid less?

Earlier this year, Theresa May pledged to address the gender pay gap and with a few businesses already drip feeding us their statistics, the public’s attention has now turned to the ethnic minority pay gap.

How the top 10 tech companies achieve diversity in tech

We share how some of the most successful tech companies in the world have managed to achieve diversity in tech. Companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Facebook share their very different ways of creating an equal workforce.

Autism in Tech

Just 32% of autistic adults are in paid work and 16% are in full time paid work. Although employment won’t be suitable for all autistic people, 77% of unemployed autistic adults have stated that they want to work.