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supporting pride month

Pride Month 2024 – 5 ways employers can take part

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This June marks the 52nd annual Pride Month celebrations. Pride Month was established in London in 1972, and since then has grown rapidly both in popularity and establishment. Throughout June, you will see many cities across the country (and the world) holding Pride themed events, parades and festivals. Pride Month is designed to both celebrate […]

How to Destigmatise Mental Health in Tech and Foster a More Supportive Workplace

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Mental health has long been stigmatised in the workplace, and the tech industry is no exception. As a sector renowned for being fast-paced and stressful, with long hours and the risk of burnout, it’s no wonder that employees – minority groups, in particular, often struggle in silence. The pressure to constantly appear productive, the fear […]

How DEI Initiatives Can Address the Cyber Skills Gap

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As digitisation continues to accelerate, the incredible business opportunities that exist cannot be understated. Advancing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) makes highly technical and complex cyber security processes more automated, which can prove instrumental as businesses look to take more of their operations online.  There lies an inherent problem, however, pertaining […]

Diverse From Day One: Tips to Improve Early Hiring Diversity

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Building a diverse and inclusive team should be a priority for any start-up seeking to innovate, attract top talent, and position itself for long-term success. However, it’s all too easy for founders to overlook diversity in those critical early hiring decisions, as they scramble to build their business. The early team sets the tone and […]


What is the digital skills gap?

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Despite digital skills becoming increasingly in demand, there is a digital skills gap in many countries, including the UK. A lack of trained graduates, young people going into STEM subjects, and companies upskilling employees are just a few reasons for this and it results in companies not being able to access enough skilled professionals. This […]

5 in demand tech skills for 2024

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As the tech industry is growing, the demand for skilled candidates is also increasing. Currently, the UK tech sector employs over 1.7 million people and adds over £150bn to the UK economy every year, which could grow to a further £41.5 billion and create 678,000 additional jobs by 2025. So, what are some of the […]

diversity & inclusion calendar 2024

Diversity & Inclusion calendar 2024

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Diversity and inclusion is at the top of the agenda for many senior leadership teams, and, rightly so. Studies have shown time and time again that an inclusive workplace where diverse colleagues are able to thrive and progress whilst feeling supported and welcomed can expect to see many benefits. Unfortunately the technology industry still struggles […]

Driving workplace diversity and inclusion through individual actions

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Many businesses have come under scrutiny in recent years for their lack of diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to women and minorities. Large companies have implemented diversity programs and initiatives in an effort to increase representation, but these efforts often fall short. Meaningful, long-term change needs to start at the individual level, with […]

5 ways to be an ally

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Wouldn’t you want to feel included in the workplace? To have a well-rounded and inclusive tech industry, we must aim to increase diversity and one way to do this is to promote allyship in the workplace. An ally is someone who is not part of a marginalized group but wants to support, help, and promote […]

black leaders in tech

Black History Month 2023: 8 influential black leaders in tech

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October marks Black History Month, aiming to give everyone an opportunity to share and reflect on the history of black heritage. Across the world, many events, talks, celebrations and lectures are held to mark Black History Month. Originally, Black History Month was celebrated as a single week, called ‘Negro History Week’. This was started by […]