What is the digital skills gap?

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Despite digital skills becoming increasingly in demand, there is a digital skills gap in many countries, including the UK. A lack of trained graduates, young people going into STEM subjects, and companies upskilling employees are just a few reasons for this and it results in companies not being able to access enough skilled professionals. This […]

5 in demand tech skills for 2024

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As the tech industry is growing, the demand for skilled candidates is also increasing. Currently, the UK tech sector employs over 1.7 million people and adds over £150bn to the UK economy every year, which could grow to a further £41.5 billion and create 678,000 additional jobs by 2025. So, what are some of the […]

in demand tech skills

Top 4 most in demand tech skills to add to your CV

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The tech sector is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, with the value reaching $1 trillion in March this year. With this growth comes elevated need for highly-skilled candidates, however currently supply isn’t meeting this demand and we’re experiencing a tech gap. Last year alone over 2 million tech jobs were left vacant. The […]

tech interview tips

6 tech interview tips to help you get the job

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To many people, the idea of a job interview sparks feelings of anxiety and dread. After all, it’s often the only time you get to sell yourself to your potential employer. However, on average, only 2% of people who apply for a job get selected to go for an interview, so remember that your CV […]

workplace discrimination

How to deal with workplace discrimination

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Being discriminated against in the workplace can have a huge impact on someone’s wellbeing, career, personal life and mental state. It can lead to many people quitting their jobs due to feeling lonely, sad and isolated. With more than a third of UK workers saying they’ve experienced discrimination at work, it’s a key issue and […]

job searching tips

5 top job searching tips for 2022

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If you’re going back to work and thinking it’s time for a change, you’re not alone. January is widely considered to be the best and most popular month for job hunting. You’re reinvigorated from a Christmas break, and more ready than ever to throw yourself into finding your dream role and creating that fresh start […]

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6 soft skills tech employers will look for in 2022

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The pandemic has resulted in many employers being increasingly flexible when it comes to remote opportunities, which means the job market in 2022 is set to be more competitive than ever when it comes to job searching. It’s all well and good having relevant industry-specific skills when applying for your dream job, but it’s also […]


The Rise of the Returnship: A Key Gender Diversity Initiative

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For various reasons ranging from welcoming a baby to taking time out to travel or becoming a caregiver to a family member, many people, particularly women, take extended time off from their jobs at some point. Career breaks are often necessary and for many unavoidable, yet so often when the time comes to return to […]

finding a new job in tech

Finding a New Job in Tech

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Even if you are just starting your career, or if you fancy a career change, finding a job in tech that suits your skills is sometimes always easier said than done. However, there are a number of ways in which you can enter the industry, whether it’s working your way up or attending courses that […]

Job Hunting over the Christmas Period!

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The Christmas period can be a busy time for everybody. It is easy to get caught up in events, meeting with friends and going on family outings. Searching for a new job may not be the first thing on your mind, but you must not forget that there is no time like the present to […]