Below is a list of up coming events that are relevant to Diversity in Tech.

free tech webinar

Free webinar: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership to turbo charge your tech career

Are “personal branding” and “thought leadership” just buzz words or crucial concepts for career success? With organisations such as McKinsey, PwC, Deloitte, Bank of America, Barclays, Dyson, IBM and CISCO embracing thought leadership as a tool for brand building and corporate growth, it will come as no surprise that employers want employees and leaders who […]


Futureproof: Technology Training

futureproof is a technology training company, dedicated to launching and developing the tech superstars of the future.   Set up by La Fosse Associates, a technology recruiter with over a decade of experience hiring into market-leading businesses, futureproof was founded to address two key issues: 1. The lack of skilled junior talent in tech 2. […]

Tech Up – retraining 100 women across the North and Midlands

Join the women in tech revolution Did you know only 17% of the tech workforce is women? Or that out of the top 16 tech companies in the FTSE 100, there’s only one ethnic minority woman on the board? It’s time to tackle the shortage of women in tech, especially those from under-represented groups. It’s […]