Recruitment Agency Profiles

Recruitment Agencies can offer great advice and guidance to candidates at all levels of the job seeking process. Whether you are new into tech or looking for a career move.

The agencies below work with multiple sectors, sourcing and supporting diverse talent for thier clients.  If you are looking for a recruitment agency to support your technology career, feel free to get in touch with the agencies listed below. 

IC Resources

IC Resources aims to be a valued member of the technology community rather than a ‘supplier’ to it. This means that we work with your best long-term interests in mind. As a candidate, you can be sure that we’re on your side and offer you impartial representation at critical points in your career. As a client, you will benefit from a public relations partner communicating your message to the wider ’employment’ market. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve developed an extensive network of technology clients all over the world, becoming their go-to solution for technology recruitment. For the last 20 years, we have supported industry organisations and charities, and we are passionate about initiatives that support diversity in the technology industry. Call us on +44 (0)118 988 1150 or visit the IC Resources website here.


Client Server

Client Server is a unique people driven organisation supporting candidates in the tech sector since 1999. We work with cutting-edge start-ups to established technology leaders, including software houses, investment banks, hedge funds and consultancies. We are powered by people. We call ourselves a recruitment consultancy – not an agency. We hire great people who are dedicated to impeccable service and supporting candidates. Please do get in touch if you are looking for a career change or would like career advice. We have many clients looking for ambitous female tech talent. Visit the Client Server website here



E-Com has a first-class reputation for providing SAP technology consultancy services to the most stable and high valued companies in over 70 countries. Through leading with expertise and integrity, E-Com has placed itself in the unique position to build reliable and tight-knit relationships with SAP Consultants and Project Managers, as well as, our clients across the globe. Our company motto of ‘treat others as you would expect to be treated’ is a key cornerstone. We are fortunate to operate in a space that is rich in diversity as we collaborate with people of different background and cultures across the globe. This diversity is welcomed and cherished within our company culture, as we use our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion as the lens through which we view every aspect of our business. It encourages innovation and collaboration which in turn helps us to both connect and deliver value to our clients.All of our people management processes hinge on acceptance, respect and transparency. This has allowed us to approach our Recruitment process with fairness and inclusivity, where we look not for the right fit but for the person who will add value by bringing their skills, experience and authentic self to the table each day. Through Conscious Inclusion we have been able to create a safe space for employees to express their opinions and share experiences.

This diversity of thought has allowed every member of staff to both pursue their personal goals and also contribute to organisational goals in a manner that is innovative, creative and dynamic. MSD UK members and APSCO accredited.