The importance of diversity training and where it can go wrong

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Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion training has solidified a place on most large companies training lists. This trend has led to D&I training becoming a lucrative industry with many companies offering training courses and instructors. However, many people and studies have raised the question as to whether diversity training actually has the […]

pride month

Pride Month 2022: How to support LGBTQ+ employees in tech

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June is the official UK Pride Month each year, and this year is extra special as the UK marks its 50th year of Pride. The month presents a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ movement’s achievements and accomplishments, and recognise and reflect on the struggle for equality. However, despite the huge progress which has been made, […]

4 Ways Burns Sheehan are helping others improve Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

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Burns Sheehan are a specialist technology recruitment agency who are committed to improving diversity and inclusion within their workplace. They are also passionate about helping and advising their clients who are on their own D&I journeys, by providing advice, resources and initiating conversations with their tech community through their events and podcasts. Throughout this article, […]

diverse workplace

The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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A diverse and inclusive workplace is one which allows all employees to feel supported, valued and able to reach their full potential. By nurturing employees and creating an inclusive culture, a business can experience many benefits, varying from financial and business related to employee satisfaction and retention. In this article we look at the importance […]

diversity hiring process

5 steps to improve your diversity hiring process

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Evidence shows that having a more diverse workforce can have a huge positive impact on a business. McKinsey’s Diversity Matters report found that companies with a high level of cultural and ethnic diversity were 33% more likely to outperform their competitors. However, achieving a genuinely diverse recruitment process is a difficult task for many companies. […]

employee network group

The benefits of an employee network & how to start one

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Employee network groups are a great tool to help create an inclusive work environment. They are voluntary groups of colleagues with similar beliefs, backgrounds or interests. They provide support, advice, or just a sounding board in a safe, confidential environment. Employee networks can help give employees a strong sense of belonging and also offer an […]

Why young people are being put off a career in tech

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In the UK, Tech vacancies make up the largest proportion of all positions, leaving a skills gap in the industry. Ahead of National Careers Week, new research by cloud talent firm Revolent has found that younger people are being put off from a career in tech, which could be contributing to this gap.  National Careers […]

hearing loss

How to support employees with hearing loss in the workplace

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In the UK, around 11 million people are living with some degree of hearing loss today, making it the second most common disability. At least 4.4. Million of these people are of working age, and the employment rate amongst people with hearing loss is 65% (compared to 81.7% of people with no disability). Part of […]

workplace discrimination

How to deal with workplace discrimination

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Being discriminated against in the workplace can have a huge impact on someone’s wellbeing, career, personal life and mental state. It can lead to many people quitting their jobs due to feeling lonely, sad and isolated. With more than a third of UK workers saying they’ve experienced discrimination at work, it’s a key issue and […]

Helpful Diversity & Inclusion Tools to Strengthen your D&I Strategy

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Diversity & inclusion is becoming a bigger priority for many companies nationwide, and rightly so. However, getting a good strategy in place can be a lengthy and difficult process, as what works for one company may not work for everyone. Thankfully, due to the increasing consideration for diversity & inclusion, there are many tools which […]