diversity and inclusion

Barriers to workplace inclusion and diversity

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There have been multiple studies into the benefits of workplace inclusion and diversity, with increased employee retention, better company reputation and higher innovation to name a few. But how easy is it for a company to become more inclusive? What are the barriers that might be stopping this from happening? In this article, we look […]

the equality act 2010

What are the 9 Protected Characteristics under The Equality Act 2010?

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Regardless of their background, all employees deserve the right to a fair and supportive working environment where they can safely develop their skills and talents. True diversity and inclusion in the workplace cannot exist without protection from discrimination or harassment. Employers must have an anti-discrimination policy in place to protect employees from discrimination and harassment. To […]

social mobility resources

Top 5 Social Mobility Resources for Tech Companies

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In this blog, Toni kent details the top 5 inspiring social mobility resources for tech companies. In the UK tech sector, it is estimated that 19% of staff are from working-class backgrounds vs a national population of 33.3%.  And, for those who do opt for a career in tech, if they have working-class origins they […]

measuring inclusion

Top 20 Survey Questions for Measuring Inclusion at Work 

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Inclusion is fundamental in a diverse workplace because it ultimately means that despite their differences, employees feel a sense of belonging. However, when it comes to measuring inclusion in a workplace, employers often struggle because it’s invisible. Inclusion relates to thoughts, feelings and attitudes rather than a more objective metric. Not measuring inclusion can be damaging […]

social mobility

Five Things Tech Companies Can Do to Improve Social Mobility

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In this blog, Toni Kent explores the top five things tech companies can do to improve social mobility. In reading ‘Social Mobility and Its Enemies’ I was disheartened to discover the extent to which social mobility is stalling. The relative ease with which those born in the 1960s will have been able to achieve a […]

blind hiring

What is blind hiring? And why is it important?

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In an ideal world, people would get hired based on their skills and relevant work experience. In reality, more often than not barriers to diversity such as unconscious bias unfairly influence the decisions of hiring managers. An example of how this can look is that in a recent study people with common or easy to pronounce names […]

diversity in the workplace

Top 10 ways employers can demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion

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Research has shown that a strong commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion is one of the major deciding factors for candidates when applying for jobs.  As well as fostering a genuinely inclusive workplace, it’s also important for employers to actively demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Communicating to employees, clients, competitors, and potential candidates the steps […]

tech skills 2021

Top 8 Tech Skills in Demand for 2021

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For customers, workers and business owners, the tech industry is a fast-moving and ever-evolving landscape, and the skills most in-demand in tech are frequently changing. Due to the global pandemic that struck the world at the beginning of 2020, there have since been huge changes impacting employers and employees all over the globe. Offices have […]

diverse team

Top Tips for Project Managers Managing a Diverse Team

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Amongst the vast array of skills project managers possess, the ability to effectively manage a diverse team so that everyone in that team feels genuinely valued and included is in high demand now more than ever. The world population is currently estimated at 7.8 billion and growing. Everyone around the world beholds unique perspectives, views, and experiences. […]


The Rise of the Returnship: A Key Gender Diversity Initiative

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For various reasons ranging from welcoming a baby to taking time out to travel or becoming a caregiver to a family member, many people, particularly women, take extended time off from their jobs at some point. Career breaks are often necessary and for many unavoidable, yet so often when the time comes to return to […]