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Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

gender pay gap in tech

The Gender Pay Gap in Tech

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In the UK’s growing digital market, employees can expect to earn better salaries than the rest of the economy. A report conducted by Tech Nation has concluded that the average advertised salary for digital roles is just under £50,000, which is 36% higher than the national average. Over the years, the advertised pay for digital […]

faith initiatives

5 Organisations with Faith Initiatives

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For businesses and organisations in the UK, having an indication of how many people in the UK workforce behold religion as important in their daily lives is really important because it provides direction for them to put faith initiatives and network groups in place to ensure people feel included at work. In the most recent […]

7 top job hunting tips for 202

7 Job Hunting Tips for 2020

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Whether you’re searching for your first job after University, or you’re an experienced job hunter, landing a new job can be stressful and at times quite an overwhelming experience. There are multiple ways you can make your job search smoother, and more likely to end in the success of a job offer. We’ve compiled our […]

what does BAME stand for?

What Does BAME Stand For?

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BAME is an acronym for ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethic’. It is used as a collective term by the media, recruiting teams, the government and public bodies as a way of referring to ethnic minority groups in society. BAME is rooted in the anti-racist movement in the mid to late 1970s whereby political activists came […]

top 10 books for diversity and inclusion in tech

Top 10 Books for Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

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We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 10 books for diversity and inclusion in tech that anyone working in, or looking to get into the sector should read. These books help with expanding knowledge of how to navigate differences in the workplace such as culture, gender, race, age, socioeconomic and education.


What is Inclusion? And Why Is It Important in Tech?

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When working towards creating a more diverse workforce, it is important to be mindful of the difference between having a diverse team and being inclusive. If you have a diverse team but people don’t feel included, some may see this as a metric highlighting a failing diversity and inclusion strategy. Inclusion is a vital component […]

Workplace Diversity and Mental Health in Tech

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Tech is a fast moving industry and for people who work in the sector it means there are increasing pressures to keep up with the pace of the demands of the digital age. Factors such as long working days, the gender pay gap, and lack of inclusion and diversity are all contributing factors to poor […]

Top 6 BAME Role Models in Tech

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One of the most powerful ways to increase diversity and inclusion in tech is to have visible role models to inspire current and upcoming generations. A Tech Nation study in 2018 revealed that 15% of the digital tech workforce are from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds which demonstrates the state of the current […]

diversity issues

5 Diversity Issues Tech Employers Need Strategies for

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Understanding the key diversity issues affecting the workplace today, and more specifically the technology workplace, is vital for any company committed to putting in place long term strategies for increasing diversity in their workforce. We have created a list of 5 key diversity issues that tech employers need strategies in place for if they want […]

What are the best diversity initiatives in tech?

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There is still a long way to go for diversity in tech, for example if you look at National Centre for Women Information Technology’s recent statistics, they show that in 2018 26% of the computing workforce were female, and out of that 3% were African-American and 6% Asian. This highlights the need for better diversity […]