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Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

job searching tips

5 top job searching tips for 2022

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If you’re going back to work and thinking it’s time for a change, you’re not alone. January is widely considered to be the best and most popular month for job hunting. You’re reinvigorated from a Christmas break, and more ready than ever to throw yourself into finding your dream role and creating that fresh start […]

soft skills 2022

6 soft skills tech employers will look for in 2022

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The pandemic has resulted in many employers being increasingly flexible when it comes to remote opportunities, which means the job market in 2022 is set to be more competitive than ever when it comes to job searching. It’s all well and good having relevant industry-specific skills when applying for your dream job, but it’s also […]


5 ways to make a multi-faith workplace work

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We know that there is a strong business case for having a diverse workforce, and we also know that it’s a challenging task to become truly inclusive. A huge part of this is ensuring your D&I strategy also includes religion and cultural inclusivity. A report by ComRes found that only a quarter of workers agree […]

UK Disability History Month: Closing the disability employment gap

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From November 18th – December 18th, it’s UK Disability History Month. Across the world, there’s currently a big disability employment gap, not just in the technology industry. How can technology help to close this gap? And what as employers can we do to contribute? In May this year, it was reported that of the 8.4 […]

stammer awareness

Stammering Awareness Day: How to support an employee who has a stammer

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Around 1% of the World’s population have a stammer, yet it’s a disability that rarely gets any airtime. This Friday 22nd October marks Stammering Awareness Day, which this year is aiming to see and hear more stammering voices in popular culture such as TV & radio. In this article, we explore how having a stammer […]

apprenticeships in tech

How apprenticeships can help to sustain diversity in tech

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There are many reasons to build a business case for a more diverse team. But the barriers to getting there can be plentiful. Apprenticeships can provide a low barrier to entry option for businesses to attract skilled & diverse individuals to their technology teams. But what are the other benefits of apprenticeships in the tech […]

diversity and inclusion

Barriers to workplace inclusion and diversity

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There have been multiple studies into the benefits of workplace inclusion and diversity, with increased employee retention, better company reputation and higher innovation to name a few. But how easy is it for a company to become more inclusive? What are the barriers that might be stopping this from happening? In this article, we look […]

the equality act 2010

What are the 9 Protected Characteristics under The Equality Act 2010?

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Regardless of their background, all employees deserve the right to a fair and supportive working environment where they can safely develop their skills and talents. True diversity and inclusion in the workplace cannot exist without protection from discrimination or harassment. Employers must have an anti-discrimination policy in place to protect employees from discrimination and harassment. To […]

social mobility resources

Top 5 Social Mobility Resources for Tech Companies

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In this blog, Toni kent details the top 5 inspiring social mobility resources for tech companies. In the UK tech sector, it is estimated that 19% of staff are from working-class backgrounds vs a national population of 33.3%.  And, for those who do opt for a career in tech, if they have working-class origins they […]

measuring inclusion

Top 20 Survey Questions for Measuring Inclusion at Work 

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Inclusion is fundamental in a diverse workplace because it ultimately means that despite their differences, employees feel a sense of belonging. However, when it comes to measuring inclusion in a workplace, employers often struggle because it’s invisible. Inclusion relates to thoughts, feelings and attitudes rather than a more objective metric. Not measuring inclusion can be damaging […]