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diversity and inclusion calendar 2023

Diversity & Inclusion calendar 2023

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Each year, more and more businesses are prioritising diversity & inclusion initiatives within their workplaces. Unfortunately, the tech industry has long suffered from a diversity skils gap, with minority groups not being represented as they should. By embracing a diverse culture and ensuring employees feel supported, heard and included, the technology industry can flourish and […]


5 things to include on your employer careers website to promote diversity & inclusion

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Diversity and inclusion are integral factors for companies because having a workplace that encompasses a broad range of talents, knowledge and experiences can help the business expand in the long run. It will also encourage wider perspectives to be expressed when brainstorming new business ideas and problem-solving. In addition, this will increase the number of […]

inclusion in tech

Encouraging inclusion in the tech industry

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The tech industry’s ongoing diversity problem “Elon Musk has ruined tech!” says my Ux Researcher friend at a social gathering earlier this year. His frustrations – shared by many in the tech industry – are in large part due to Musk’s alpha-macho persona and anti-woke tirades, regularly expressed on Twitter, the social network he now […]

Diverse group

10 diversity targets for 2023 and beyond

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The Equality Act 2010 protects against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation in work and education. Diversity targets are an effective way for companies to track the diversity of their employees and ensure they are being inclusive and not discriminative. Below are some examples of diversity goals that companies have going into the new […]

how to make job adverts inclusive

5 ways to make your job adverts more inclusive in 2023

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Your job advert is the first communication between your company and a potential candidate. It’s your chance to sell the job to them and make them want to apply. So it’s a shame that so many employers miss out key info and inclusive language that could make them more attractive to job seekers. In a […]

How diversity can impact mental health

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Mental health issues can affect anyone at any point in their lives, with approximately 1 in 4 in the UK experiencing symptoms each year and an estimated 14.3% of deaths worldwide per year being attributable to the illness. Although anyone can be affected, there are groups of people that are significantly more at risk, including […]

in demand tech skills

Top 4 most in demand tech skills to add to your CV

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The tech sector is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, with the value reaching $1 trillion in March this year. With this growth comes elevated need for highly-skilled candidates, however currently supply isn’t meeting this demand and we’re experiencing a tech gap. Last year alone over 2 million tech jobs were left vacant. The […]

tech interview tips

6 tech interview tips to help you get the job

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To many people, the idea of a job interview sparks feelings of anxiety and dread. After all, it’s often the only time you get to sell yourself to your potential employer. However, on average, only 2% of people who apply for a job get selected to go for an interview, so remember that your CV […]

The importance of diversity training and where it can go wrong

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Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion training has solidified a place on most large companies training lists. This trend has led to D&I training becoming a lucrative industry with many companies offering training courses and instructors. However, many people and studies have raised the question as to whether diversity training actually has the […]

pride month

Pride Month 2022: How to support LGBTQ+ employees in tech

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June is the official UK Pride Month each year, and this year is extra special as the UK marks its 50th year of Pride. The month presents a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ movement’s achievements and accomplishments, and recognise and reflect on the struggle for equality. However, despite the huge progress which has been made, […]