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black leaders in tech

Black History Month 2023: 8 influential black leaders in tech

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October marks Black History Month, aiming to give everyone an opportunity to share and reflect on the history of black heritage. Across the world, many events, talks, celebrations and lectures are held to mark Black History Month. Originally, Black History Month was celebrated as a single week, called ‘Negro History Week’. This was started by […]

diversity in gaming

Diversity in gaming: why it matters and how to improve

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The gaming industry is popular and offers exciting career opportunities for people with technical skills, a creative background and a passion for gaming.  Despite the appeal of gaming as a career, a lack of gender diversity in the industry presents a significant problem that can only be addressed if employers are able to smash the […]


National Inclusion Week: Improving the experience for everyone in DWP

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To celebrate National Inclusion Week 2023, we spoke to Alli Mood at DWP Digital about how they have followed the theme of ‘Take Action Make Impact’ by implementing some changes to D&I work there. I’m a Deputy Director in Citizen Information, which sits in DWP Digital’s Core Digital Services Function. Across Citizen Information we’re maintaining […]

inclusive allies

What does it mean to be an inclusive employer?

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Investing time and money into a diversity equity & inclusion strategy is hugely important for every business, big or small. It’s a hot topic for a reason; everyone should feel completely comfortable, valued and a sense of belonging at their workplace. Many employers talk about being inclusive but these words don’t transpond into actions. It’s […]

national inclusion week

National Inclusion Week: What is it and how do you take part?

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What is National Inclusion Week? National Inclusion Week is an annual week of workplace activities and events that may highlight the importance of inclusion across the UK. It is an opportunity for companies to get connected and engage with people and employees who are passionate about inclusion in the workplace and elsewhere. Inclusive Employers run […]

The importance of inclusive language in the workplace

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Using inclusive language can have a huge impact on increasing diversity in the workplace. But what is inclusive language? It is defined as the use of language that avoids the use of certain expressions or words that might be considered to exclude particular groups of people. For example, you should avoid using more masculine-sounding words […]

diveristy in internships

The Role of Diversity in Internships

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As has been widely documented, the technology sector has a longstanding and persistent issue as it pertains to its lack of diversity and representation. As it stands, only 26% of the UK technology sector’s workforce are women, while ethnic minorities make up only 18% of its numbers. While the numbers may show promise nowadays compared […]

Ways to overcome recruitment bias

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Recruitment bias is when an employer creates an opinion about a candidate based on initial impressions alone or irrelevant criteria, such as gender, race, or age. Recruitment bias can be either conscious or unconscious. Conscious bias is when interviewers can recognise their own preferences, for example, they might know they prefer to work with men […]

Disability pride month

Disability Pride Month: 8 ways employers can be inclusive of employees with disabilities

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Every year in July, we observe and commemorate Disability Pride Month. Originating in the USA in the 1990s, Disability Pride originally started as a single day. However, as time has gone on, the celebration has changed to be a full month. Disability Pride Month is a chance to celebrate success and accomplishments of the disabled […]

Kingfisher have confirmed the need for neurodiversity support using a data led approach to I&D

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In 2021 Kingfisher upweighted I&D to a strategic priority and is committed to making sure everyone feels included. To support this strategy, Kingfisher launched three employee-led affinity networks. These networks are made up of voluntary groups of colleagues with lived experience of being in a marginalised group, or those wanting to demonstrate active allyship, providing […]