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Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

Gender diversity is vital for Artificial Intelligence to serve society

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The World Economic Forum has revealed in its latest global gender gap report that only 22% of Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals globally are female compared to the 78% who are male. Due to the rapid rate of technology, the finding can be seen as alarming to society. It has been said that organisations need to […]

Unconscious bias in the technology industry

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As humans we are unconsciously biased in many aspects of our lives. It isn’t until it starts to affect businesses and society that it becomes an issue. There is a current bias that is affecting the tech industry which is a contributing factor towards the current gender gap. Not only this but women are still […]

World Autism Awareness Week

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About World Autism Awareness Week is an internationally recognised week which will be starting on the 1st April – 7th April 2019. The week is centred around World Autism Awareness Day which is the 2nd April, but the National Autistic Society encourage the public to take part in the week surround it. During the full […]

What you can expect if you take shared parental leave

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Shared parental leave was introduced in April 2015 and was aimed at giving fathers and partners more time to bond with their children. More and more fathers want to play a hands-on role with their children and find it hard that they can’t. Fathers and mothers will still be entitled to take maternity and paternity […]

Tech champions fight for rights of disabled consumers

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Barclays and Fujitsu have been appointed by the government to ensure that technology businesses are not forgetting about their disabled consumers and employees. By using their influential identity, the tech champions will remove any obstacles that disabled consumers will face when trying to purchase services or products online. Disabled consumers are often locked out of […]

Celebrating senior BAME leaders in tech

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The technology sector in the UK is showing a lack of diversity amongst senior leadership according to an Inclusive Boards report. The sector lags far behind the FTSE 100 and the wider economy on factors including gender, race and representation. According to the report, only 8.5% of senior leaders in technology are from a minority […]

10 Effective Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

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If a business wants to shine in today’s business environment, then creating a diversity and inclusion strategies in the workplace is critical. It is essential to have both to succeed in the business environment as having one without the other can cause uproar. There are a number of benefits that diversity and inclusion can bring […]

What you need to know about Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in the workplace is always seen as a good thing to employers and employees. However, it is about much more than just hiring those who are from underrepresented groups. It is easy to hire more women or ethnic minorities which will help to increase the overall diversity in the workplace. However, diversity is about […]

Using Diversity and Inclusion Metrics to measure Inclusion in Tech

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Implementing inclusion into an organisation helps to embrace the concepts of awareness, acceptance, respect and understanding. Inclusion involves utilising everyone’s differences to benefit the organisation. Each member of an organisation must be valued for his or her skills, experience and perspectives to help create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and can work to the […]

Can equality at home help close the gender gap?

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Since the gender gap reports have been revealed by some companies, there has been an uproar recently about company’s gender pay gaps. There are several things a company can do to start to fix their gender pay gap, but one which sometimes goes a miss is supporting equality at home. Whilst companies are starting to […]