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Building a diverse team – 5 steps

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Having diverse teams is often seen as an important aspect of growing performance and productivity within a business. They are seen to perform better financially, gain competitive advantage when recruiting for more top talent, offer great benefits and experience less employee turnover. Building a diverse team can be a great idea but it is also […]

Why a clear diversity statement could give you the edge

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By Zoe Morris Having a clear diversity statement is becoming an effective way to appeal to employees from previously overlooked demographics that the technology industry is now keen to attract. With a critical shortage of skills that is swiftly becoming a crisis, trying to make the sector a more inclusive environment is essential for any […]

Tech sector to benefit from large amount of money to boost diversity in AI roles

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The technology industry is set to benefit from a boost of £18.5 million to help drive skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science. It is to support more adults to upskill and retrain so they have the opportunity to progress into a career or find new employment. An investment of 13.5 million will help […]

The truth about ageism in tech

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It’s no secret that the technology industry is struggling with diversity. Even those who have adopted diversity initiatives often overlook certain characteristics such as age. Employers who discriminate against older workers, face the risk of violating the Employment Act which covers age discrimination and protects workers over the age of 40. But despite the law, […]

How to increase diversity in tech

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While employment opportunities in the technology industry have grown at twice the rate of the national average, tech firms are still struggling to increase diversity within their working environment. Within the tech industry, there has been large racial and gender disparities compared to other private sectors. Improving ethnic and gender diversity within the technology industry […]

Top 10 Diversity in Tech Leaders

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A lack of diversity in tech leadership has been found by recent studies, which is affecting women and people from ethnic minority and lower income backgrounds. Women hold a third of positions in large companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft and HP and within these companies, the percentage is less for individuals who are from an ethnic […]

Gender diversity is vital for Artificial Intelligence to serve society

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The World Economic Forum has revealed in its latest global gender gap report that only 22% of Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals globally are female compared to the 78% who are male. Due to the rapid rate of technology, the finding can be seen as alarming to society. It has been said that organisations need to […]

Unconscious bias in the technology industry

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As humans we are unconsciously biased in many aspects of our lives. It isn’t until it starts to affect businesses and society that it becomes an issue. There is a current bias that is affecting the tech industry which is a contributing factor towards the current gender gap. Not only this but women are still […]

World Autism Awareness Week

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About World Autism Awareness Week is an internationally recognised week which will be starting on the 1st April – 7th April 2019. The week is centred around World Autism Awareness Day which is the 2nd April, but the National Autistic Society encourage the public to take part in the week surround it. During the full […]

What you can expect if you take shared parental leave

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Shared parental leave was introduced in April 2015 and was aimed at giving fathers and partners more time to bond with their children. More and more fathers want to play a hands-on role with their children and find it hard that they can’t. Fathers and mothers will still be entitled to take maternity and paternity […]