Top 10 Books for Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 10 books for diversity and inclusion in tech that anyone working in, or looking to get into the sector should read. These books help with expanding knowledge of how to navigate differences in the workplace such as culture, genderraceage, socioeconomic and education.

The advice found in these books will increase your awareness of why diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand, how people from different cultural backgrounds may work differently and how to make that work in an office setting. For people looking to hire for more diversity, some of these books will also provide advice and guidance on the economic benefit of diversity, how to recruit fairly via practices such as blind interviews, and how to ensure inclusive leadership within your company.


1.The Culture Map by Erin Meyer

Author Erin Meyer is an international business expert, and in The Culture Map she helps readers gain a broader understanding about how to navigate cultural difference and diversity in not only the workplace, but in everyday life. The book has received 4.7 out of 5 star reviews and has been backed by prestigious names such as the Financial Times. Meyers asks the questions absolutely key to any diversity and inclusion strategy, such as how can people from different cultural backgrounds work harmoniously together? And then provides proactive solutions to help people work in tandem to improve diversity and inclusion within any industry.


2. Inclusive Leadership by Charlotte Sweeny & Fleur Bothwick

The authors (Sweeney and Bothwick) tap into their decades of experience of creating successful Inclusion and Diversity strategies for many companies around the world and have produced this highly pragmatic book to enable you to do the same. They emphasis throughout that when people feel included and able to reach their full potential, they are more engaged, more productive and often more creative. Their step by step approach will help you drive culture change using organisational development principles. It takes you through the key components of leading change throughout the employee lifecycle, your supply chain, and through product development. Crucially, it will help you make a genuine impact on your business, through your people, both now and in the future – and shares some great stories of their personal experiences of driving change in companies. 


3. Diversify by June Sarpong

If you enjoy reading anecdotes and stories, Diversify is a read that may suit your reading style. The book features six stories that highlight questions surrounding diversity and how we can overcome social division in society. Sarpong is a highly recognisable TV and media name, and her 20 year career interviewing politicians and high profile people has given the case studies and interviews that make up the stories in Diversify a genuine, experienced and engaging tone.


4. Demystifying Diversity by Jiten Patel & Gamiel Yafai

Number 4 in our top 10 books for diversity and inclusion in tech is equality, diversity and inclusion handbook Demystifying Diversity, which has been deemed an essential read for people managers and leaders. The authors Yafai and Patel are certainly well accomplished in diversity in the workplace, Patel is MD of a diversity consultancy and Yafai leads the diversity practices of two of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK. The book has a confident tone to the big issues that act as an obstacle to diversity and clearly lays out guidelines for equality in any workplace.


5. The Diversity Bonus by Scott Page

The Diversity Bonus is a great read for anyone interested in the business case for diversity. It explores how organisations can improve their output in all areas, from finance to company perception, by increasing diversity. It lays out the bonuses of being well informed about how beneficial diversity can be to organisations such as increased innovation, more accurate results, and smarter solutions to problems. The book details overwhelming amounts of evidence that suggest diverse teams outperform and outshine analogous groups.


6. Inclusion by Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown’s highly commended book Inclusion is focused around change, why we need it in the workplace, and how to achieve it in terms of the various roles we all play in a diverse workforce. The book has a really optimistic tone which comes from the way Brown presents sustainability, viability, and growth as the benefits of diversity. The book drives home the message that people make up every organisation, and embracing people’s differences will lead to a more inclusive and therefore productive and successful environment.


7. Building an Inclusive Organisation by Stephen Frost

Building an Inclusive Organisation argues that a diverse workforce is critical to every businesses success. Perhaps the unique angle of this book is how in-depth it considers inclusion as being vital alongside diversity. Frost explores how companies who realise this and work on making people feel like they are truly supported and they belong are able to leverage their organisation and boost overall performance. The book features case studies from global organisations such as HSBC, KMPG and BAE Systems to demonstrate how leveraging diversity can work in real terms.


8. Closing the Gap by Teresa Boughey

Teresa Boughey’s book Closing the Gap has a clear and concise structure whereby she details 5 steps to create an inclusive culture. It’s largely focused on adapting mind-sets, changing leadership behaviours, and cutting ties with old, ingrained traditions that may not necessarily be conducive to diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace. The 5 steps are summarised into the headings: Take Stock, Raise Awareness, Inspire and Involve, Build for the Future, and Embed. These steps are designed to work in conjunction towards one common goal, which is to create a working environment where people feel like they belong.


9. What if? By Steve L. Robbin

Another great read if you like stories and anecdotes! What If? Is a col-sm-6lection of 26 short stories aimed at sparking dialogue surrounding diversity. The stories illustrate diversity concepts in a personal and engaging light. The stories are about real people and their first-hand experiences of diversity and inclusion and its importance. There’s something about Robbins storytelling that encourages you to consider and change your perspective about how important it is to keep working to achieve inclusion.


10. The Loudest Duck by Laura A. Lisawood

Our last selection in our top 10 books for diversity and inclusion in tech is The Loudest Duck by Laura A, Lisawood. Again, this book is anecdotal in its style and through personal experiences it opens up discussions about how minority groups can navigate their way to leadership positions, as well as pin points the barriers and obstacles minority groups face in the workplace. The idea behind the name and parable style of the book is the Chinese children’s parable that the loudest duck is the one that gets shot. Lisawood has used that concept to highlight the need for old approaches to diversity being challenged and updated to reflect the modern day society of workers.

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